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Some Bucktails

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Figured I'd try to make a few bucktails.

First up is some Clouser Minnows made with a Clouser YouTube link.

Some 1 1/2 ounce flat heads. The 3 yellow ones in the upper right were bought from NJ Tackle, painted, epoxied and finished. The other were cast from a home made plaster of paris mold. I tried it, it worked, but buying a mold and just taking it out when you need it is much easier.

Then a Patriotic Flathead and then some 2 ounce banana heads

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Nice work, I've been wanting to buy a mold and start trying to make some of my own but haven't gotten to it. THey look good and should work well. I (and two friends) go through so many bucktails during the fluke season that it would be worth it to make our own. We usually use spros but I have been also using simple bucktails with similar results so I don't see why I shouldn't stick with the basics, although I hear you can get the spro molds, I just don't know where.
Thanks eskew, I really appreciate it. They are pricier then the others but its what I was looking for and will likely go with. Do you recommend a certain hook size for fluke or does it vary from jig size?

BTW sorry to get off topic. I do like the color combos of Rickski's work though.
Thanks for the info. eskew, I wanted to show you this link which has them premaid up to 1 1/2 ozs. A little small for most of my uses but they would be nice fishing just off the beachk. They are premaid and un painted for x price. I might buy a few of them to practice my painting and tying skills first. Eventually I'll buy the mold and make my own. Do you recommend a certain size eye for those molds?

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