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after all I am the bASSmaster;)
now if i could only get my name on here as Bassmaster, Help me Im drowning.
Al Proof its me Dave. I know Im ugly Got Bait?

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...after all I am the bASSmaster
now if i could only get my name on here as Bassmaster...


Yes sir... That is true. You are the true Plug Ho!

BTW: Nice fish, but why are you hiding the plug?

"Crazy" Alberto

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I cant even remeber getting that fish, I caught so many night after night. Now Im going nuts trying to figure out the plug Im using, Its a home made one I made I think?
here is my honey hole

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Hay Look Buddy Theres fish in it, I know I landed all My fish there this Year in that hole.Look!
ahhhh Plug bridge, who me?

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I have not gone and all done for year;)
building lure mode and i stil have 2 rods to wrap for next year, those 2 blanks been collecting dust for months now >)))'>--------------
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