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Here are the rules....I told them if I don't get a permit, that I intend to sue them for one.....

407-12:A2 New Commercial Shellfishing License Procedure
(a) New commercial shellfishing permits may be issued at the rate of one new permit
for every one non-renewed permit, or permit that is void as a result of other causes (i.e.,
forfeiture, death, etc).
(b) To become eligible for a new commercial permit you must apply, pursuant to these
regulations, within January 1st and January 31st and pay the non-refundable $5
application fee. Upon the hand delivery of a completed legitimate application, and
payment of the fee, the applicant?s name will be entered into a lottery. On February 1st,
the applicant names will be drawn by lottery to determine the sequential chronological
order that applicants acquire a permit. On February 1st, the Natural Resources Office
shall post on the bulletin board outside its building, on Phinney?s Lane, a chronological
list of applicants as determined by lottery eligible for a commercial permit as determined
by vacancy.
(c) If an existing commercial permit becomes void, during the calendar year (January 1
through December 31) for which the permit was issued, the next eligible applicant as
determined by the lottery will be notified, by mail, of the availability of a permit. The
applicant shall have ten (10) days from the date of notification to pay the balance of the
permit fee or the permit will be offered to the next eligible applicant as determined by
the lottery. The new permit shall be available within ten (10) days, thereafter, to be
picked up. New permits shall be issued for a given commercial shellfishing permit year
(April 1 through March 31). The applicant list shall be dissolved each year as of
December 31st.

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Morning John.....has it now come down for a fishermen to get a license or permit, that he has to be lucky enough to win the lottery?


Yep...but it's nothing new here.

My town has done as much as they possibly can, without making it obvious, tho discourage commercial fishermen of all flavors from having access to our waterfront and it's resources, resources which it has allowed to diminish to the extent where our shellfish grant holders actually outnumber our shellfishermen. It is a shame. We have no scallops anymore, even though other lo-cals have developed systems for reseeding them that have been quite succesful.

Just look at what they've done over on the Vineyard- Great stuff

Keeping Bay Scallops in the Crib Longer Is Easy on Budget, Good for Town Fishery

MV Gazzette wrote:
For Edgartown shellfishermen, it would be unconscionable to have an autumn and winter without fishing for and harvesting bay scallops. On Cape Cod and Long Island, however, the scallops have all but disappeared.

But here in Barnstable....we are growing oysters for the Gucci crowd to play with on the weekends and the only folks who are allowed to comm'l harvest oysters are the grantholders, there is only one, Cotuit Oyster Co. and they brought in the MSX from stock from VA., that killed off all our wild stocks.....

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JR...The whole thing is a effin JOKE!!!I had friends that applied for a conk(Whelk) permit.That fished their whole life,young guys mind you but comm fished their whole life,get denied and entered into the Yolonda Vega lotto of livlihoods.Pretty good for a snail that was once illegal to set free if caught!!.At least in NY they invite you to a brunch for the drawing.
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