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Snowbee Wader Problems

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I purchased a pair of Snowbee waders and after a night of fishing my crotch area was soaked. I brought them back to where I purchased them and I was told Snowbee was bad about returns. After testing they couldn?t find a leak. I took them and I was soaked every night. I sent them back to Snowbee my cost. After 3 weeks I called and they said they just got them. This was a lie, my tracking said they had them over a week. Then later I was told they were fine and wouldn?t replace them.
Anyone else had any problems?
I hope nobody else has to deal with their customer service. They are the worst people I have ever worked with.
I am out 230 for the waders, $25 gas money and 17 dollars to ship them and they still make me soaked .
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fish the a night tide see if your still leaking..most likely just sweat... i beat up my snowbees...n o leaks in the seams just from hooks going through them...i have about 2 tubes of aqua seal on them hehe
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