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snook blank

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can anyone reccomend a blank to use for a snook weii be used with a abu 6500 and must be 7 ft with a soft tip.he fishes 65 lb braid so it must be super fast to turn the hogs. i have a few ideas just would like to se what other builders would think. thanks
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he catches them up to 40 lb with most in the mid 20s .fish are all in heavy cover mangroves peers and pylons wants somthing to put the wood to them .i figure a gusa b70 xh should fill that order?
thanks for the ideas i went with the gusa 70 xh just got it today all i can say is it seems like a great blank got tons of backbone .the tip is nice and lite so it should cast well.the more i see from gusa the more i like them .thanks again .
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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