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Smiths Point Bridge

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I mayhave a chance to get out there this weekend, anyone know what's running. Bass, Blue's, etc. Bait or tin's, bucktails, and poppers?

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There have still been blues taken as the conditions permit. 007's and 3/4 oz kastmasters have produced. If you want to bait fish the mackeral has been the best choice. I know of at least one decent weakie.
little bass, coctails and weaks

In the past few weeks, i have caufght some really small bass (less than 20 inches), and a bunch of ****tail blues at the bridge. I am hearing about a lot of weaks mixed in, but havent seen one there yet. Look for the birds, and then get ready.... Seems to be 1 school of them cruising around between the bridge and the cranberry dock.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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