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I suppose this would be for all of us that frequent the outer beach at Smith Pt. Park in Suffolk County, lately it seems the beach has been closed more than it's been open. My first question is does anyone know why the beach access has been closed so many days this October? I've heard someone say that the ocean washed out a part of the beach but I've not been able to comfirm this. My real question is even if a section of beach has become dangerous why hasn't the Suffolk Parks dept opened the Burma road granting access to the inlet without having to ride the outer beach? I paid a pretty good buck for my access permit($75)and don't feel the county is providing the fisherman, who predominently use the beach in the Fall, their fair shake by preventing us from fishing the most special time of the year the Fall Run! It just pisses me off knowing that the fish are there and I can't get out to get them! Perhaps one of us knows the County's mind set regarding outer beach access this Fall or may be we have a Parks officer who reads these posts that can fill us in on whats in store for the rest of the season? I realize there are other places to fish, I just happen to love this stretch of beach and in some way feel the County is taking away my privilege (or should it be my right)to fish it when I want to.
I guess I needed to vent.
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