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Sit ins vs. sit on tops

I think a beautyful sit in kayak, hand made of marine mahogony plywood is the best experience kayaking can offer, but for fishing, it can be a challange. I have done it, and almost flipped while casting. So I also tried the other end of the spectrum, a tri-balance when I was down in Mosquito Lagoon in Fla. I was able to stand and cast!! and I could pole the boat along the flats, standing....It was cool. and to get back home, the wind picked up on shore, so we just stood up and our bodies acted like a sail and we almost sailed back. Conclusion, sit on tops are the most comfortable, tri-balance is the lazy boy of kayaks, and sit in sides are the racing bikes. p.s. not me in photo...but a tri-balance....


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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