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Hey Adam....let me take a shot...I bet you were just a kayaker before you fished out of one. though I do agree with the speed thing for the most part, I remember the first time I realized this when I was fishing this back bay spot in R.I we were fishing one night and met a guy with a sink and it was the same dimensions as my SOT and he sorta got tired of waiting for us and he went ahead by the time we got there he had a 25 pound fish bungeed to his kayak. I dont really know that much about hull dynamics but I think you can say that Sit-ins because the of where you sit lower than the water line makes it faster, maybe somebody can explain more about this.
I still think for the all around fishing I do you can beat a sit on top. I was at a kayak fishing fling a couple weeks ago and out of say 30 fishing kayaks there 26 were sit on tops, what does that mean? nothing at all, alot has to do with the type of fishing you do.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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