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Shots Fired Over Fishing Spot In Florida!!!!

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Finally, a small boat owner wins over the big bully!
No Capt. Neil,
I don't remember the gun boats of the Chessy in the early 50'- I was only about 8yrs old then and couldn't read! I only learned to read last year-"HOKTED ON FONIX"! LOL!
Lkylindy-year I remember the shootouts by the lobsterman! Wouldn't you kill over a fresh lobster?
Disclaimer-I don't believe in killing another human being, ever over a fresh lobster! I will not admit to ever speaking to or knowing either of the above named persons! I will admit to nothing! (This is solely a selfish thing as I wish No one to jump down my throat as in some other boards on this site!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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