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Hi Everyone,

I was just informed that there is a Town Board Meeting at Brookhaven Town 1 Independence Hill Farmingville and they will be discussing this topic with other topics. It is open to the public but the public cannot speak on their behalf until the end of the meeting in which they are over at about 10pm to 11. The meeting itself does start a 5pm.

I was told this has been going on for about 3years and Bonners office is finishing the start. The excuse was shoreham was never on the list from the parks dept as designated for fishing. Which means peopel took it for granted that was fishing beach. So the residents and the civic association of that area are complaining about us and it seems that they got what they wanted. As for the no fishing sign I was told that Bonners office cordinated that with the Law, Parks,and Supervisor Office. I did mention to them about the Public Trust Doctrine and they had no clue what it was.

There is also a max of 300 hundred bathers that are allowed on that beach and no boating.

I don't fish that beach and not familar with it at all but if it means getting access I will help out with as much as I can.

As of now what I was told fishing is banned from there. If they can do this legally I don't know but not according to the Public Trust Doctrine.

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The Public Trust Doctrine. What they are doing is illegal, anyone ticketed will be able to beat it... unless they amend the constitution, this still is America.

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