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Well Crazy I made it with my new G-power line. Unfortunatly I couldnt get to test it. I fished under the train tresstle, which from my experience, and I fish there three+ times a week, is not a good spot. I didnt get any but my brother got a 12 incher. I did lose about 8 rigs though. It was rather slow, nothing like this past fall. Ill be heading out there tomorrow again. {The Canal is located on Montauk Hwy on the Hampton Bays/Southampton Border. Take Sunrise exit 65S. Go down about 4 miles to Newtown Rd, make a left and make the first Right and thats where you can park.} hey crazy where were you fishing. I got there at 5am and could not believe the crowd!! And by the way do you know of any other "surf" spots for flounder out there??

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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