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Shinne**** Bass Fishing

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Hey Everyone,
I heard from a friend that this summer he went to Shinne**** and in the inlet area he said he anchored and chummed for bass with clams....He said you float the clams with a slip shot...Any reccomendations on how to make the rig?

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That would be clam chumming

Clam chmming is one method of catching stripers in Shinne****. Your best bet is to get a 5-gallon pail of clam chum to it to a rope and sink it to the bottom on the bow of the boat, and let the chum form a slick.

Then send your baits down into the chum slick, and wait for the bass to come.

I should add that this method of targeting bass is frowned upon by many as the bass tend to be gut hooked in many cases, and I personnally would preffer using lures.
wat kinda lures AT SHINNE****?
Bassman wrote:
… I should add that this method of targeting bass is frowned upon by many as the bass tend to be gut hooked in many cases, and I personally would prefer using lures.

That's a very good point Bassman! IMO - Anyone who plans to fish this method (clam chuming) should consider circle hooks! That will decrease gut hooking (mortality) considerably!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
Nivekelly wrote:
What kinda lures AT SHINNE****?

Hello Nivekelly,

If you are planning to use lures around the Shinne**** grounds… You can't go wrong with bucktails tipped with a curly plastic -or - pork rind!

Also…during the early first light or sunset… you can cast along the shorelines with Pencil Poppers, Plastics, Swimmers and Tins such as Hopkins, Kastmaster and Charlie Graves.

In addition, don't overlook the inside marshes, bridges, piers and around the docks… At times, it can be very productive when the conditions are right!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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I can't say for sure, but your freind probably meant clam bellies, not ground up clams like we use for flounder. You anchor in the current and thow out a couple of bellies and then drift a couple with hooks in them down the current. Works pretty well at times. Take Alberto's advise and use circle hooks.
sizes of lures

hey my friend is the one who asked about what kind of lures to use I was wondering what sizes or brands would I use for lures? I was thinking either 1-2 ounce striper swipers woullld work...would they??

Conner Mac
Hi Conner Mac,

Before I could give you a detailed answer... I need to know the following:

Are you surfishing or fishing from a vessel?
(There is a difference from vertical / horizontal fishing)

Which season are you planning to fish?
( To follow the "match the hatch" theory - There are various bait throughout the season)

Daytime or night?
(Fish behave/feed differently throughout the course of the day)

(Shinne**** has many types of "structures"… Inlets, marshes, cuts, drop-offs, rips - and each area may require a different approach).

So, the more specific you can be… the more I will be able to assist you. ;)

Tight Lines,

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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ok...I think he is fishing day, in the spring in the inlet and from a boat cuz i know him well do u have an answer now?
how would I make the rig though just like 3 feet and a slip shot and keep it in free spool?
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