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Thanks to all you guys converting this old Penn
guy to Shimano. I ended up
buying the 6500 bait runner. This is what I do,
and, mostly at night.
Wouldn't you know the
guy at the bait shop shows
me this new reel, Okahu or
something like that, puts it in my hand. But don't know anything about it, so
it stays in the glass case.
and, $35 less.
Put together like a Singer sewing machine, he
says. Is this guy a salesman or what?
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SanPan - the Baitrunner is a terrific reel. I've got the smaller version (the 3500) & use it on the North Shore (also mostly @ night) for drifting eels.

I used to use a Penn spinner for this with an open bail. The Baitrunner free spool gizmo gives me much more control.

Very smooth operating reel. Like silk.
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