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Shimano Trinidad

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Have three questions for the pros.
My buddy from California swears by the TN 30 for jigging tuna on the west coast.
1. Can this same reel be used for Jiggging cod with its high gear ratio of 6.2.1 (20.9 oz.)?
2. Would the TN 40 (4.9.1 ratio) at 29.3 oz. be a better choice?
3. How would you spool it up? I am thinking of 65lb. power pro with 60lb mono top shot.
What do you guys think?
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The 40 is a better choice as long as it is not too big a reel for you. It has more cranking power, more capacity and better drags. But it is much larger. I'd go with 80# spectra for durability. For cod, a topshot is only about 30 feet. For jigging tuna, maybe 200 feet. For bait tuna, as long as possible.

The Trinidad 40 was the most popular reel on the Helen-H last week. About 10 or 12 fares out of 40+ had them. I dunno if that makes it better than anything else. A lot of those guys are into Shimano/Loomis products...

FYI, I use a Trinidad 14 for both cod and tuna, but I don't care about landing every fish.

Your other option is one of the many cheaper 2-speeds available.

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Between fredbird62 and myself, we used the Trinidad 14, 20 and 40 that day. You could definitely feel the difference between them, especially when currents were running, and you had a 20oz and a fish on. Whenever you stepped up to the next size, it felt like a pleasure. I also used a Newell 322 with 3.75 gears, that pulled well, but was a lot slower on the retrieve.

I was also using 30# PP, to minimize the sinker weight required, but I don't care much about breakoffs or abrasion. To my mind, 30 and 50 PP are relatively fragile, and 65 and 80 PP are in a whole other class and better suited for someone who doesn't want to change their line for a couple seasons.
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