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Shimano Trinidad

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Have three questions for the pros.
My buddy from California swears by the TN 30 for jigging tuna on the west coast.
1. Can this same reel be used for Jiggging cod with its high gear ratio of 6.2.1 (20.9 oz.)?
2. Would the TN 40 (4.9.1 ratio) at 29.3 oz. be a better choice?
3. How would you spool it up? I am thinking of 65lb. power pro with 60lb mono top shot.
What do you guys think?
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MVPAEC...Skatemaster gave you a good idea on how popular the Shimano Trinidads among customers who fish onboard the Helen H.

The Trinidad 40 differs from the smaller 20 and 30 models which were commonly used for throwing jigs to tuna. The Trinidad 40 is a beast of a reel made for heavy duty fishing, with gears and drag surface more suited for pulling in tuna over 100lbs then the smaller Trinidad 20s and 30s. I have heard from many people that the smaller trinidads were binding up when fishing cod, due to salt and grime getting inside the reel. I have not heard this about the 40 sized reel though. But one thing to consider is that this is a 400 dollar plus reel, that will scratch easily due to it being gold anodized. I have listed a number of much cheaper alternatives that will fit the bill (do a search on cod reels) from various reel manufacturers such as Pro Gear, Avet, Penn, Newell and Diawa, which will work as well or better, and weigh less then the 40.

Your line options can range down to 30lb power pro on a lightly crowded boat if you are just fishing a jig, to the standard 50lb power pro to as high as 65lb power pro. Unless you are fishing commercially, leave the 80lb spectra at home. Remember if you are fishing a wreck and get hung up, you will have some time breaking that line out! Use anywhere from 50-60lb leader material for your topshot. The vast majority of codfish you will be catching will weight under 25lbs! Unless you are fishing in the late fall up in Hyannis, or May off of New Hampshire or on special wreck trips, you can leave the tuna sized tackle for cod, at home.

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