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Hi All - I just purchased a Shimano Curado D 301 (lefty, and yes I know they E is coming out sooner rather than later:rolleyes:) and I have a question about the level wind. For those that own one, when you put the reel in free spool, does the level wind move as you let line out (ie. does the level wind move while you're casting/dropping down?). When I engage the reel and I'm reeling in, the level wind moves fine to distribute the line...

I own serveral other baitcasters and all the level winds move when I am in freespool letting line out - maybe it's just this model? or do I have a reel that needs repair? Thanks!

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Your reel is fine. Its designed with a "disengaging" levelwind - to help add a bit of distance on the cast. Works too.

On a wider reel, like an Abu 5000/6000 or a Calcutta 400, its necessary for the levelwind to move with the cast inorder to prevent the line from making too great and angle from the spool to the levelwind once you start your retrieve.

On this reel, its not needed.

I own the 300D and the 200D - both are SUPERB casters and strong like bull.

Tip - make sure to put a drop of oil on BOTH sides of the levelwind worm where it goes into the reel's sides before and after every trip. I believe there are little tiny ball bearings in there that do not take the constant SW bath all that well.

I wa a little lax on this and now mine are starting to complain on a hard cast. My oen fault - and I'll effort a cure after the bass vamoose for the hot Summer.

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