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Shimano Catala 200 reels

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Friend of mine gave me this reel 200 Shimano Catala didn't know much about it seems small but well built can't find much on the internet.Can you guys help me out about this reel how will it do with strippers and blues on a 7ft pole?????.Thanks
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I don't really think its appropriate for strippers, not the right tool to cast $ bills at g-strings, but it would be a very fine tool for light casting to stripers.

I would load that reel with 14lb mono or 20lb braid and use it to plug the marshes without any trepedations whatsoever. It would also make a nice light bay clam chumming reel.

Keep the spool bearings clean and lubed with a drop or two of Reel-X and you'll get good service out of that reel.

best, Lep
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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