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Shimano calcutta 250 vs Penn 955

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Want to buy a calcutta 250, but am also looking at a 955 although i think it is to big, have a 400 and love it.Any pros or cons? Thanks
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I think either reel is a safe bet, and close in price, if you shop around. It just depends on what you like the feel of better.

I have a 965 and 955 and like the "feel" of the reel in my hand. However, I would rather a left hand conventional, so I am getting a 251 Calcutta, because I would rather keep the rod in my right hand while casting and retrieving. I prefer American, but if they can't get with it and make a left-hand model, I'll use foreign.

I've used the Calcuttas before and was impressed. They are nice reels. They have a more open spool that is easier to access to pick out knots and seem to be a little lighter. The Penn's have improved the 955 and 965 by grinding out the point that used to cover the spool.

So like I said, handle both, put them on a similar rod to what you'll be using, and get the one you feel most comfortable with.

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1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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