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Sheepshead Bay Party Boat Blackfishing

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hey guys, just wondering if anyone knows if the Ocean Eagle is still going out at all. last sat i went out to find only one boat going for blackfish(not the OE) and i had a pretty lousy time. no live crabs in all of sheepshead bay, too, word is there is a "crab shortage". the conditions were as nice as they get, im not sure any swells were over 1' all day, and the water was smoking as far as the eye could see, so why would they not have gone?
i know a lot of boats pack up for the winter, and i heard a rumor that this winter (because we're expecting a cold one) the entire fleet will shut down by feb. any truth to this? anyone know what the Ocean Eagle's plans for winter are or how i can find out if they are going out sunday?
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Guys it seems that weather is going to get warmer starting next monday. Do you think it would improve fishing?
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