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Shark reports

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I haven't seen too many shark reports posted. What's going on out there?????? Have they moved in yet, or are they gone already? I've always heard in the fall the big Mako's come way in shore, five miles or so. Any info is appreciated.


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We released a nice thresher yesterday morning along with two small makos. We were at the Linda wreck, about 20 miles offshore.

As far as what you heard about large makos 5 miles off the beach in the fall, maybe 20 years ago but not since. 10 miles, sometimes. The bait & water temperature dictate where and when they travel. Most makos this time of the year are following the large bluefish and small tuna. Since both also migrate South with the water temps, the larger sharks are being pulled further offshore as the month progresses, not closer.
Thanks Doc. I am hoping for some decent weather so that we can take our 21 cc out for some sharks. She's a bit small so I am hoping for some close action this fall. We might consider a trip to the Linda, weather permitting!!!!
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