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shark fishing help

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A friend is taking me and one other person out shark fishing (with his crew) in a couple of weeks. Prob 5 people on the boat heading out of jones. I have never been shark fishing but have been on a charter offshore before (in costa rica for sailfish).

what do I need to know so I wont look like a complete newbie?

I appreciate any help so I don't mess up the other guys day offshore.


P.S. i own a 19' c/c so I understand about the cost of bait, gas, etc.

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It's good that you know about expenses so offer to split up the costs.

As far as.....
anony wrote:
what do I need to know so I wont look like a complete newbie?
You say he is your friend so I ASS-ume he knows you have never been shark fishing. I think it's best you keep it that way rather then try and do like in the "Honeymooners" when the Ralph tried to learn to play golf in his apartment the day before he was supposed to go.

I have brought many "newbies" along. The best ones are those that pay attention, ask questions, don't touch stuff, offer to help in any way they can, and you can tell they are excitied about being out there doing this. Also the good ones prior to the trip will ask what they should bring.

Good luck & catch them up!!!

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