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I am the UK Director of Apex Images U.K. As I am sure you are all aware the picture in the previous thread is completely fake and in clear violation to the copyright laws held by Chris Fallows and Apex Images. The cut image is a real image of a shark we call Jaws.

If anyone knows the who made this image or know how it can be removed from the Internet please contact me.

This may seems pedantic as the picture may be meant as a bit of fun but this is the kind of image and message we are NOT trying to make of the Great White. It's ridiculous.

If anyone would like to see the real shark images just check out

Here you can actually order the real 'Jaws' as a poster. Hope this helps.

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Hey Martin: You think us YANKs are a bunch of Kipperheads? Of COURSE WE KNOW ITS FAKE. Wre all knowThat bridge was painted into the photo to fool the Californinians.

Keep a stiff upper lip. It makes it easier for the Gaff.
Don't be so serious Martin...It's not changing anybody's perception of great whites, we all know that they should all be killed off as they are known man eaters. The only good great white is a dead great white...


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Awesome pictures of great whites breaching at your website & now I understand why you wanted to point out this was fake all though we all knew it of course.
No Way!!! You really think that it is fake?????
Come on I was talking to the pilot and he told me all about it..barely escaped death. But the guy in the boat sure did get a great shot!
Wow, what an aggressive and defensive response. I had already said you were probably aware it was fake but when you read the previous thread one person actually asked for more info!

I do take this seriously Gamakatsu. Chris Fallows works extremely hard to educate people and document the real behaviour of these sharks. What's wrong with protecting your own work or beliefs? Apex Images do not want our photographs to be associated with GW's munching on pilots or helicopters. It's like a scene from Jaws! One kid looks at it, takes it to school and in their head the GW's a monster again. I'm sure even Kipperheads and stiff upper lips can understand where I'm coming from.


Sorry think i posted twice!


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What is your group going to do when they do the remake of Jaws?

In my college mass-media course, we get a list of movies that are scheduled to be made. Jaws is on a remake, but it's been there for 2 years so we don't know yet. But just imagine that movie made now, it would have awesome special effects and the Great White is the killer and we get to root for it to die! :)
Have you kissed your great white today????????
The sharks got its place in nature and is a majestic creature in its own right but also a maneater. I dont blame you for being angry if one of your photos of leaping sharks was taken without permission { again really cool shots at your website, nice work} and used in this humorous photographic creation BUT to think that this doctored photo will effect childrens views of the Great White shark is something I dont understand. Anyways Ive got a suggestion for your next shoot; have youve ever seen an orca sneak up on a seal, grab it and smash it around a couple times before woofing it down in one bite?? Now thats cool in a lurid sort of way.
It happens in Pattagonia {s} I think. anyways go get your lawyers on the great, great white shark image caper. If I was you Id have that Capt. Walt guy checked ouit first, Hey walt whered you get that photo?? he he
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Well, at least those UFO pictures are authentic. Hold on, I just got a call from the jackalope society......
Maybe dragging around a fake plastic seal so an endangered species can expend it's precious energy trying to capture it so some guys in a boat can take it's picture and make a few buck's isn't the best way to preserve a species.
Damme Youst Scali-Wagg Can't you keep a secreat? That new stealth submersible made to look like the "HMS Whity Boldure" is on patrol right now about two clicks west of Halabadad Packaganistan.
Its part of the Wavy Seals covert force.

Actuallty if any fancy schamcy film makers like Steven King or Mikel King or Rodny King or One of those Monarch Sci-Fi companies would like to go shoot some actual footage of Sharks enjoying a nibble in the Gulf of Maine I have a VERY suitable platform for filming Swashbuckleing tales of daring and dew. She 44 feet at the waterline with nice New England waves and 11 1/2 feet wide as a bull moose. More Stable than a sailor on Liberty and looks like she belongs in a Bogart flick. All for Hire, Charter or Rent at resonable prices.

We use only quality fish guts for chum and despense it in out "Fishkatcher, SlickMaster Chum Bucket" for maximum effectiveness.

Capt Walt

[email protected]
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Ahh a classic Capt. Walt type post , something this board has missed for a while now. You go and buy a 44' tin barge and have no energy left for those creative posts. Hey Walt winter's just round the bend, dont forget to post those ehemm... ProLifIcKK "Waltisims"
{ whatever that means }
CAPT. WALT the web police deleted your pic/page would like to see it,to bad i think someone sensors stuff here all well i'm going back to "THE HULL TRUTH.COM" bye bye
JAWS best movie ever made except Mundus should have recieved some credit.

Remember Jaws 2-4? they were terrible. And then the take off with the giant squid? B movies at best.

Capt. Marc
The person that has copyright of the photo that was used to produce the image has threatened us with copyright infringement if we didn?t remove it from the site, so unfortunately we really had little choice but to remove it.

I?m personally surprised at Martins reaction to the use of the photo, as well as his weak attempt to draw our users to his page, but that will never change my heartfelt appreciation for all of the support we?ve received from the U.K. and its citizens that have stood by our side in these trying times.

I do think that Martin needs to lighten up a bit though.

Its good to see you back Capt Walt and you too Scalawag!

Happy Thanksgiving All!

George R. Scocca
Publisher, Nor?east Saltwater
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We never really went anywhere George but thanks , good to be back.
Im getting back into the boating {& fishing} game soon after taking a year off, boat shopping now .
Lets hope that our great armed forces continue to impress us and the rest of the world with thier dominance in Afghanastan over these terrorists.
God bless America, land of the free & home of the brave.
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