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Here's an underwater photo of a guy at work in a pool session in Metro Boston a few winters back learning to roll his boat with an inflated paddle float.

You let the float rise to the surface, pull down on it, then snap your hips up towards the surface --- probably the only way to roll a kayak after a capsize if you can't roll with a paddle.

Drawback of the paddle float roll is you have to keep the float inflated and in a handy place at all times.

The paddle float's a modern interpretation of the avataq, or dried seal stomach kayak Inuits used to tow seals back home.

I'm still out fishing on Cape Ann, mostly on macs, the occassional cod. Water's cold: 48F. Lots of roughwater, and have to wear a neoprene face mask.

Anybody else out there still....and thinking about how they'd right a capsized yak?


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