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CAPT. Neilf

Hope you get some time to fish
with the rods you make for yourself. Got
a ? for you: SEEKER blanks-good rods!
I use lacquer thinner to clean off epoxy
glue. This does not hurt the finish on
other brands of blanks. But seems to
soften up the finish on the seekers. Do
you have any idea as to why it only happens
to these. IT does harden up again, but
takes some time to do so.


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Hi Steve,

I do not use lacquer thinner at all. So I have not experienced this. It must be the type of epoxy finish they use and lacquer thinner has the power to break it down.

I use 91% isopropyl alcohol to clean everything. I do use denatured alcohol to clean color sealer/preserver from ends of wraps before last coat of finish. Very seldom do I use color sealer/preserver.

I try to use the least lethal cleaner that I can.

I made an ice stick into a flounder rod. Can't wait for march 16, opening of flounder season to put it to the test. It should produce a few chuckles. The blank is chartuese in color. A 1 1/2 lb flounder should be a blast on it.

Take care,

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
Custom Fishing Rods by Captain Neil
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