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seasickness cures????????

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I have been fishing from party boats for 25 years but not nearly as much as I have wanted to because I get seasick. If it's anything more than 2-4 foot seas I can't go and 4 footers is pushing it.I can almost never go out on a private boat in the ocean. I have tried every over the counter pill , the patch, watched what I ate the day before, get a good nights sleep, nothing has worked. If anyone has anything else I can try please let me know. Any Navy cures??? Coast Guard cures???? Thanks
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The new oil

I got to tell you there is a all natural oil made from a plant. The guy was selling them at the tournys on the island for like 15 bucks a bottle but all my buddies who used it says it works. You take a drop on your finger and put it behind your ear and thats it!
It smells like halls cough drops? the link is below for you too see!
Motion eaze
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