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seasickness cures????????

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I have been fishing from party boats for 25 years but not nearly as much as I have wanted to because I get seasick. If it's anything more than 2-4 foot seas I can't go and 4 footers is pushing it.I can almost never go out on a private boat in the ocean. I have tried every over the counter pill , the patch, watched what I ate the day before, get a good nights sleep, nothing has worked. If anyone has anything else I can try please let me know. Any Navy cures??? Coast Guard cures???? Thanks
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Well, that new sruff MIGHT work - this is the first I heard of it. If I were you I'd risk a few bucks just in case it works for you. Each individual is different. I've been boating in all weather for 50 years and got seasick maybe 5 times. Just lucky, I guess. BUT, I learned to avoid diesel fumes. They will make me toss my cookies standing on solid ground in the middle of Arizona. Even following a smelly school bus gets to me in short order. Regardless of fuel economy, any dream boat in my future will be gas-powered.
My point is that fumes can be deadly, and a lotta folks do OK on party boats as long as they stay out in the air and upwind of any fumes. The average party boat cabin smells of diesel, yesterday's bait, cigars, and unwashed fishermen!! Ginger ale and candies ginger are also fairly effective natural remedies. Keep on trying and good luck.
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