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This googan/newbee to bottom fishing in saltwater is looking for some critical tips in bottom fishing for the type of bottom fishing that is going on now for species like sea bass and ling. I see guys doing both techniques. Some guys seem to "bob" or jig the bait up and down in pretty long and quick up and down motions while others seem to try to keep their rig as still as possible laying on the bottom by following the waves or up and down of the boat with their rod. Which technique do u prefer for these species or is there a place for both?

I was on a Captain Dave trip in late fall with growing 5-6 foot swells that eventually forced us in....most guys had caught basically nothing, but then I saw 2 old men on the bow who had managed to put together a nice catch of sea bass, so I sort of gawked at what they were doing and the only difference that I saw was that they worked hard to keep the bait as still as possible on the bottom by following the waves. They were actually nice to me and gave me some tips like using the clam pieces with the "guts". For the next hour before we were forced in by the rising seas i then managed to get 4 nice fish.

Also, do u like to add jewelry to your rigs (beads etc.) or plastics on some of the hooks or does it seem to usually make no difference in numbers of the the "targeted" fish? I know some guys say that it just ups your chances for dogfish, but I guess this is only a concern if the dogfish are around.
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