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Sea bass and Porgies at docks

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What is a good dock/pier to catch seabass and/or porgies.
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LivingstonManor wrote:
They just started catching sand porgies at the Jones Beach Piers. Come late July, Guy Lombardo Marina in Freeport and the Construction Dock at Jones bEach West End produce decent fish. Piers at Hempstead Marina in Point Lookout and the Magnolia Pier in Long Beach should also.
Agree whit all those places they are very good and I'll add one of the best places to fish for Porgy's Sea Bass Flukes Triguerfish,Kingfish, Weakfish and Blues it's the OAK beach parking lot,I'd mention all those fish because I had caught every one of them there and Oak beach it's very close to J.Beach and Captree...Good luck ....Fredd
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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