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June 6, 2012 10:13 PM
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New York > North Shore > SB ~ WINDY, Rocky then CraZy Stormy ~ Bassin ~ 6-3-12
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SB ~ WINDY, Rocky then CraZy Stormy ~ Bassin ~ 6-3-12

Got 4 free replacement Blanks for the ones that broke I was only expecting 2 replacements but the dealer threw in 2 extras @ no charge and this funny note....

Hit the water hoping to repeat yesterday's consistent day.

But I was sure that the boat traffic would hinder that… I was sort of right..

The wind would really be the major difference today..

to the water @ 10:30


High @ 11 am

Wind WNW @ 15-20+ - Chop n Slop..( 40-50 ahead of the storm--)

water 63-64

air 72-74


Had to wait @ the ramp just a moment - not bad - got the last trailer spot…not like yesterday…

Very breezy conditions…strong tides had moved the channel markers and the Bay constable was out @ slack to move them back..

Had to wait for the tide to get going as well.. got out into the sound and was met by nasty wind against tide High chop and rocking from all the boats out under a beautiful blue sky.. Forecast was for late Storms-so I had a few hours before I had to watch out..

MET the birds working again - tried to play Bass? Blue? Robin? For about an hour or 2? +-- managed one Bass out of many many many more blues than either bass or robins.. too rocky as well.. pitching 4' on a casting deck isn't that much fun after a few hours.. Moved away from the birds.. which is hard to do..

Looked for the bunk schools - nothing to see - did find one deep..

Hit another spot from yesterday.. also pitching a bit.. 2nd cast - Bass 26" - nice. Thought I had found em again.. but then it was just blue after blue or bite off. Stayed on the spot until this big power boat runs right across my bow blowing up the fish…

Made a bouncing rockin move east.. - had a nice bump upon arrival.. then it was just blues and bite offs again.. - did snag a good amount of braided lost line with homemade looking smiling bill bucktail @ the end - no leader..looks like they must have lost it recently - brand new line/lure.

Looked up and saw a slightly darker blue sky way off to the NW.. checked the "MY RADAR" ap on my phone( GREAT quick ap that just shows you the weather radar)..yep huge line of a storm sweeping NW -- Headed back towards port - figured I had just enough time to get back and make one more stop and watch it closer to home.. Now my inside voice sad I should beat everyone back to ramp right now as it will be hectic once this sucker really starts to show..

But I stopped - and on the 1st Cast - Nice Bass!....and on the 2nd drift…another.. then a blue … each drift had a hit or someone.. fish really turned on as the front was closing ( isn't that always the way?) .. next drift - set the hook on a solid hit…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ - solid hook set…. Fish runs and runs..then comes back and goes under the boat and just sat..for a moment I thought he just stuck me into the bottom and snagged me into something…so put a little extra pressure on him.. took 2-3 three good tugs but he moved out ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ…. Kept running away from the boat.. but finally got him in - very similar to yesterday … nice 35" fish… same released as yesterday too.. Awesome..

Looked 2 the sky and decided I had a few more shots….skys now darker and moving over the island…too late to beat the boat traffic back..and no thunder involved… stayed with the bite.. very next Drift nailed another keeper.. just shy of 30"..

Still an eye towards the sky.. hit another keeper on the 3rd consecutive drift…ZZZZZZZZZZ but lost him after the 2nd run..

Still darker skys… hooked up with what I thought was a 4th keeper on the 4th drift…zzzzz. But just shy 27.5"… as I released the just shy fish - a few drops hit my shoulder… I look up - and that seemingly far off Dark clouds were now overhead..

Time to go…Punched it !!!!!!!!! --- Just barely staying ahead of the front … 4 stroke screaming.. wave hoping..

About half way.. the wind hit be like a slap..40-50mph - pushed the whole rig sideways and sound got seriously nasty…like white water rapids.. raining hard --like needles only on my right side. A few boats staying to ride it out.. Had to stop and take a few picts and to find the cans… gunned it into the safe harbor where I waited in line with the other boats..A little crazy @ the ramp..but not as bad as I thought it would be. Got soaked and talked fishing while we all waited.

Cleared by the time I got the trailer in..but I had enough. And Knew there were others cells to follow..


total: all released

2 Keeper Bass ( 29.5", 35") lost another 30-31" half way.

7 Short Bass ( 21-27.5")

15+ Blues ( 18-24")

3 robins

1 Bucktail & line


- way more blues/ bite offs than Bass today..

- saw 5 0spreys @ one time soaring/ floating HIGH in the wind and screamin!


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