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saturday 8/2/2008

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Capt. Bob and crew of the Reel Affair left Montauk for a day troll on saturday morning morning. Breaking the inlet at 3am, headed to the middle ground. Stopping 8 miles short to a school of skip jacks on the surface. After putting out the spread of Canyon runner rainbow squid, green machine bars, jets, weighted green machines and zuckers grass. They ended up with 7 yellows all 30 inchs and 1 mahi plus 2 big eyes. did not mark much bite. It was all sight fishing find the skip jack and the yellow are under them. The yellows hit the flat lines early taking jets, blue, green, purple, spreader bars earlier in the day. At 11am the Reel Affair went in search of bigger fish. with in 15 minutes of trolling off the edge 4 big eyes hit 2 jets on the long flats, a rainbow squid bar and a green machine bar. dropping two do to bad hook sets. 1 weighted in a 100 and the other weighted in at 130. Headed to the barn at 1230. hear from our buddy boat that 10-15 big eye were caught from the tails to the dip on saturday.


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Nice job guys. Hopefully Ill make it out this week. Glade I could help with you guys finding a few fish.
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