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Sanding cork, after the rod is done?????

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Got a custom rod, cork grips are a bit thick. Actually, other than grinding a little off the ends, I don't think that any shaping was done at all. Can they still be turned down? I have heard that it is difficult to get them fairly thin, and a lot more pits show up. The builder is in California. They offered to ship the rod back at their cost, and do the grips to my satisfaction, but it seemed like something that could be done locally.

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Any competent rod builder could do this job in about 10 minutes.

Best you are there when its done so to give your personal input to the builder as its being turned down.

My guy routinely does the final handle-shaping of my rods after the wrapping as it always seems that I'm never around prior to the guides going on.

If you cannot find anybody locally to do it, PM me and I'll hook you up with someone that will help you out.

rgds, Leprechaun


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