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sand eels

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anyone know where i can buy sand eels ,, south shore area,,
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I presume you mean frozen.

Should be available in most B&T's.

The only shop that I know of from Deb's to Amityville is Comb's in Amityville, Montauk Hway, that is stocking sand eels.

Bill Sullivan
thanks for the replies gents.
-Augie's Bait and Tackle
-Babylon Fishing Station
-Sunrise B&T in Lindenhurst
-Four Winds B&T
Giants at Lindenhurst

Lindenhurst B & T on Montauk Highway has sand eels that "Smokey" brought back from Cape Cod.

Many of them are 6" to 8"long. Won't catch shorts on them!
In patchoque, on 112 south, just over sunrise hwy on the left. live eels
Boy - you guys are tough - no hostage taking here.....

i apologize for being brusque.

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That's better - now play nice.......
Causeway B+T has some nice size frozen

Somewhere more local: Swaines in St. James on 25A across from boatyard just east of firehouse.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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