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?Salty? Flyrodders of New York
Fly Tying Class Enrollment Invitation

The Salty Flyrodders of New York offer Fly tying instruction classes beginning Monday January 28, 2008 and will continue to meet weekly at 7:00PM on Mondays through the first week in May (see specific dates within each class description). The classes will be held at the Alley Pond Environmental Center (located at 228-06 Northern Boulevard, Douglaston, NY 11363. Two forms of beginner class will be offered contiguously (five sessions each) and an Intermediate Tying Club will be hosted in parallel with the beginner?s class (ten sessions). The beginner classes are open to the general public and Salty?s membership at a cost of $30 per student for the five session class. Students enrolling in both the beginner classes will pay a total of $60. The cost for attending the Intermediate Tying Club will be $75 and enrollment is only available to Salty?s membership. To enroll in any of these classes, please contact Jose Colon by email ([email protected]) or telephone (914.588.7557).

Beginner?s Level I: Introduction to basic fly tying techniques and materials

This class is designed for people who have never tied a fly before. The objective will be to emphasize repetition and simplicity as a foundation for learning new patterns. Basic skills of identifying hooks, identifying thread, identifying tools, identifying the most common materials and simply applying thread to the hook with a handful of different material types will be taught. The key to success in this class is strictly limiting the types of materials used in tying and the number of patterns taught. Another difference between this class and the other beginners class is that students will have the option (with a small deposit) to take an inexpensive tying kit home on loan for the five week duration of the class. This will be encouraged so as to enable them to practice at home and bring their handy-work in for comparison to others (and models). It will also give students the opportunity to get more feedback on their progress for flies with which they are still struggling. Enrollment will be limited to ten students. Dates of classes shall be: January 28th, February 11th & 25th, and March 10th & 24th.

Beginner?s Level II: Basic saltwater patterns

This class will move at a faster pace than the Beginner?s Level I Class because the students will either have taken a beginner?s class previously or will be repeating the class to further refine their command of novice level skills or techniques for particular patterns. The presumption is that the second session will be filled with more recent graduates of the Beginner?s Level I class. The Beginner?s Level II Class students will not have the option to take their tying tools home for practice. The class will also introduce a broader set of tying materials to the student so as to fully prepare them for intermediate fly tying. Enrollment will be limited to ten students. Dates of classes shall be: March 31st, April 14th, 21st & 28th, and May 5th.

Intermediate Tying Club

Intermediate Fly Tying Club sessions will be lead by a mix of local charter captains, noted fly tyers and senior club members with recognized skill and talent in fly tying. Attendees would consist of club members seeking a venue in which they can learn from each other, invited guest tyers selected by the group and move at a pace which is more comfortable to the group as a whole. They would be expected to bring their own fly tying tools and materials, but will be permitted to supplement their materials with that of the club?s supply. A pre-requisite of group membership will be completion of at least one Novice Class, a 2007 or earlier Beginners Class, or a 2007 or earlier Intermediate Class. Enrollment will be limited to fifteen members.
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