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Great answers on how to toughen up clams. If you boat/pier fish, try putting silver scales in amongst the clams as you chum o/side. The scales will shimmer and shake and float away in the chum and make it look as if a school of fish has just been attacked by predators. I use this method for everything from Flounder to sharks to Tuna. I feel it turns on any predator.
Back to the question at hand. Sorry for digressing.
Try taking a fillet off your baitfish the night before you go out on the surf. Fillet it in a pendant shape , as this is the best way to place it on your hook.
Use Kosher salt from your local A.& P. or somesuch. You don't have to load up the fillet with salt. Keep the skin on after you fillet the baitfish.
You might want to put the hook thru one end of the fillet and split the last 3 inches of the other end to make it wiggle in the surf. I put the fillet on , skin side first. That should keep the hook point free and clear to do it's job.
One way to use this in the surf and keep it away from those pesky crabs is to use a 2 or 3 inch cigar float(size dependant on fillet size)
on your hook leader. The float is adjustable to keep it as high in the water colum as you need and
still keep it in sight and strike range of Bass.
Consider a double hook rig with this. Set the 2nd hook just in front of the split end of the fillet. Lot's of Bass are hooked on this hook. Be aware that if you use this, and let the Bass play with it, it will hook the fish deep in the corner jaw area or in the throat.
The Southern Surf casters use this fillet method to catch their Bass/Rock fish. I think they use Mullet and whitefish fillets.
I hope I've helped in some way.
Keep your feet dry and catch 'em up.
Joseph B. ...aka...Ancient Mariner
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