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Adam,Great article in SWS last month.What has been the feedback from other fishermen that you know?? as the topic of commercial fishing can ruffel many feathers.Sorry we missed you on our trip to the cape in June.We should be back again the same time this year.We are going to make it a point to hook up if you are around.

Doug MacLean
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response varied

I've been alternately nailed, pilloried, or stroked in person or via email by guys either jealous they haven't caught as many fish, angry that commercials are destroying the fishery, or eager to know who the captain I fished with was so they can call him up pronto and go out on a trip with him...

Commercial striper fishing's a brutal business...but I have never seen so many stripers in my life, and still have in my freezer steaks from that 45"-er .

Anyone bugged by the story I wrote should contact NMFS and ask that the feds put down regs on stripers, or contact Mass Wildlife, if they're a Mass resident, if they feel the need to complain about the commerical striper catch in Mass. Last season's commerical quota was in excess of one million pounds.

Don't shoot me, the messenger, however. I simply wrote what I saw.

It's never made sense to me anyway that stripers are regulated on a state-by-state basis, unlike bluefin, which the feds have control of even when within three miles of shore.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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