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Salmon River Fly Rod...Yes or No

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Hey Al, I Haven't done much flyfishing in the past few years, but I have a 6-7 wt. Browning rod and a cortland reel with 6 wt. floating line. Should I bother bringing it? I know it won't handle any 36lb. hogs like you landed, but maybe smaller salmon, steelies, or browns. Any thoughts on different lines...WF, ST, sinking, flys, etc. or should I just leave the setup home? Thanks in advance. BT
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Hello Brown Trout,

If you are planning to fish the Salmon River with a guide ... I strongly recommend that you tell them what you are bringing. Maybe they have a spot for that... but otherwise, leave it at home cause I believe it is "too light" and it does not have the power to turn the fish! What I recommend is a long flyrod with a minimal of 8wt outfit! If you don't have it… make sure your guide has an extra outfit for you!

Mind you, the type of fly fishing they use in Salmon River is VERY different than the standard fly fishing! It does not require the long distance cast and the light approach system because most fish are just a few yards away from your feet!

Since you haven't done much flyfishing in the past few years... I strongly recommend that you go and observe (study) the program! You will learn that the sharpies out there will mostly fill their reel with mono (not fly line)!
Also, having a "strong & sharp hook" on a small fly imitation is critical. You will find out that it's not so much what pattern you are using... but the fly color is VERY important since you need to track it downhill to the fishes mouth! ;)

BTW: I replied to your email… Good fishing and tight lines!

"Crazy" Alberto
[email protected]
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