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Sailfish Central! 80 degrees temps a plus.

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After three moderate coldfronts passing through S. Florida in recent weeks sailfishing has predictabily gotten better with each passing day. And of course, the case with winter sailfishing is that the rougher the ocean the better the fishing.

180-200 feet from Jupiter north has been most consistent water depth. Kites can be seen flying almost in a straight line from north to south from the decks of boats waiting their turn for the bite to come. Please do not rule out fishing more shallow and deeper as these fish will concentrate where conditions are most favorable. Birds, bait, rips, edges, weeds, and temperature breaks are always worth checking out and may be found anywhere out there. Be flexible. If it's too rough to move any considerable distance, I elect to stay in 100-200ft range outside of Jupiter Inlet working east to west or whatever direction the baits appear most natural. I hate trolling down sea and have the boat speed up as it surfs down a wave only to have the bait flying out of the water and then stop dead as the wave passes under the boat. Everyday is completely diiferent from the next and one experiment and adapt to the conditions of the day.

Kingfishing has been decent, although most aren't too thrilled to have an aggressive kingfish eat their $5 goggle eye when dead sardine will most likely work just as well. Again during this week most bites have come in the 180ft range.

Dolphin fishing has been very good, the down side most are smaller then 10lbs. We've had many of these fish come in and harass our goggle eyes, then we pitch out a ballyhoo or squid on a light spinning rod to provide more sport. Look for weedlines, there have been some really good one passing through out to 600 feet. Wahoo should be there as well.

Mackerel and bluefish are on the beaches, you must locate the birds and under them is non-stop light tackle action.

Haven't seen many spinner sharks doing there thing along the beaches yet, but they should be here soon. Though not as "glamorous" as sailfish, they will provide an angler with much excitement when the jump like a tarpon and pull like freight train, all less than 100 yards from shore.

Speaking of tarpon, the colder our weather gets, the better the tarpon fishing in Palm Beach Inlet's turning basin, around the warm water outflow.

Lot's of large jack crevelle moving in Palm Beach Inlet as well.

Good luck! Be safe and Happy Holidays!


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