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i've noticed that in several towns on the northshore the stormdrains flow directly into the harbors or bays. all of the runoff from the streets and people's lawns goes directly into the waters. i'm sure that its no surprise to anyone that this happens. i know some towns have taken action and have banned certain pesticides from being used on lawns and i think other towns need to take notice. i thought i read somewhere a few years ago that some towns on the northshore received money from the state to change up the drainage systems so the water doesnt flow unfiltered directly into harbors, but apparently i was wrong. the problems with runoff aren't hard to see, for instance, shellfishing is banned after a certain amount of rainfall due to the shellfish consuming contaminants that are directly attributed to the runoff. my main point is that runoff is a major contributor to the inferior quality of water in the sound, and most of the communities on the northshore are relatively wealthy and can definitely get some money together to help clean it up. if not directly from them it should be state or federally funded. just wondering about other peoples thoughts on this and ive got pages to write about this so if anyone can direct me to the address or email where words might count it would be appreciated.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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