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As a side note .........could you imagine a bait and tackle shop in that area...........a good one with good bait that opened as early as)dare I say it) 5:00am!!.....maybe even like you know way down on the south shore!

Somebody pour cold water on me and wake me from this impossible dream!

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I thought about it...

I know Anthony I thought about it. But you have to wonder if the guys who own those shops are regreting it.

1) Wouldn't you rather be fishing? It's the ultimate sacrifice... almost a torture to be trapped inside a store talking about fishing when you could be out fishing. 95% of the profitable shops are those that are owner operated. Yes, on occassion we hear stories about various owners around the Island who report about their excellent trips. But honestly, they are in their stores a **** of a lot more than they are on the water.

2nd, it's a tough business; a REALLY TOUGH business. Profit margins are extremely thin. The weather and the environment have a direct impact on your ability to earn money. You need a political science degree to properly negotiate with suppliers. LIPA and taxes are killers. Some customers can be a pain in the ass And competition can pop up anywhere at any time.

3. Wouldn't you rather be fishing?
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