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ok another question is a rudder nessasery and what advantage is there with it.i was out with a freand he had one on his and said he felt a differance with it in/on and out/off of the water.i fish mostly fast moveing water.sorry for all the questions just trying to get this down so i can get back to night fish i dont like fishing in the daytime anymore.
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I have two kayaks. My first is a Prowler 15 without a rudder. I use it mostly in the Sound and I love it. I thought I never missed having a rudder. My new kayak is a 15 Prowler Trident with a rudder. The first time I used it was out of the Moriches CGS, where there's a fair amount of current. After messing around for a few hours, I came to the conclusion that the rudder was a nice steering and turning convenience, but wasn't really necessary. About 200 yards from the ramp I pulled up the rudder because I knew I'd be heading into shallow water. I ended up paddling on one side all the way to the ramp. The yak handled so poorly that I turned around to make sure that the rudder wasn't dragging in the water. It was then that I learned of the rudder's value. The yak tracked beautifully with it down, but was a chore when I pulled it up. Since you mentioned you'll be in current, I strongly suggest getting the rudder, even though they're not cheap.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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