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roof top rod holders

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I just got a new 2008 xterra, it was time to get rid of the explorer 2001 with 215,000 hard miles going into manhattan. My problem is the xterra being so tall there are some parking lots that I do not fit into. I had a home made rod rack on the truck that held 4 rods. I had it bolted onto the top on the truck. I am looking for something that would be easy to put on and off when I need it. I was able to put some bungi cords inside the truck for one rod for that before or after work run,but I would rather have something on top. any one have any solutions.
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you will have a couple options....
1 get thule/yakima mounts for your factory rails... use a hunter rack or something comparable..if security isn't an issue use the regular wall storage racks that they have at dicks or sports authority (unless you local B&T sells them) the mounts will stay on the rails for good but you can easily remove the rod rack...
option 2 is get rid of the factory rack and a yamima aftermarket rack with load bars...some of them have adjustable heights with the after market rack you may lower your clearance overall..
option 3 is to put a 2" lowering suspension kit or smaller tires (but you wont dont do that cuz thats just silly <--please dont do that!

or actually i just though of this is maybe you can make a 1 rod holder per side on the side of the horizontal otherwords you rod maybe ably to mount not on top of the rack but the side? i was gonna do this on the Fj but couldn;t get a secure bolt to go through the hunter rack so that got scratched.....
another way to go is get a rod rack and some nice zipties They can be reusable just undo them or cut em when you back from the beach..

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cool idea man...BTW what size u bolts did you you know the diameter of the tubes?
plugger wrote:
Hey guys
Lets hear your experience so far with the new rigs, can you compare it to your last truck. My 12 year olD cherokee is just breaking in but the xetera is on my short list if and when i go new
get an FJ!!
incredible 4x4 capable...e locker rear front ATRAC(acts like a front locker)
no carpet 0easy sand removal
water proof seats
tons of aftermarket acces.
good power 240HP
easy to work on
its a toyota

the bad
gas milage 15-22mpg
visibility- many blind spots but you get used to mirror real quick
windshield can crack easy its almost straight up..but get full glass coverage
not family friendly car seats etc.
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