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roof top rod holders

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I just got a new 2008 xterra, it was time to get rid of the explorer 2001 with 215,000 hard miles going into manhattan. My problem is the xterra being so tall there are some parking lots that I do not fit into. I had a home made rod rack on the truck that held 4 rods. I had it bolted onto the top on the truck. I am looking for something that would be easy to put on and off when I need it. I was able to put some bungi cords inside the truck for one rod for that before or after work run,but I would rather have something on top. any one have any solutions.
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Rod racks

Caston; Good luck with the new rig. I just got a new Off Road Xterra myself. I built a four rod rack that mounts on top of the cargo carier with U bolts, It would be simple to attach it with wing nuts instead of the locking nuts that I used. The whole thing cost me about $40 for materials and about 4 hours shop time.


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U Bolts

They are 2 1/2 inch stainless u bolts, they have enough clearance to slip on some 1/4 inch shrink tube so you dont scratch the finish on the tubes.

I looked at the FJ, the new 4 door Jeep wrangler and the Xterra. I liked the Wrangler for the cool factor.but the reliability history made me eliminate it. The FJ was nice but after driveing it and the xterra. I liked the way the Nissan handled a little better. I got the off road model. I had to go upstate to get it, none of the dealers on Long Island had one. 265 HP,Stability control, 4 wheel locking differentials, Bilstein shocks, crawl mode, auto throttle on hill decent. skid plates, 5000 lb tow capacity. great visibility, oversized tires with mag wheels, lots of goodies standard. and best of all , about $4000 less than the jeep or FJ.

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