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How many rods do ya have for freshwater bass fishing and what techniques do ya use them for?

My Set ups:
6' 6" Pflueger Echlor casting rod MH, with a Pflueger Trion LP NS, with 30 lbs pp, and sometimes a 14lbs gamma copoly leader for t-rigging and frogging.
6' 6" Abu Garcia Silver Maxx Combo(Mh) with 50lbs pp for flipping and pitching Jigs,
6' 6" Shimano Clarus Medium Fast, with a shimano citica 200dpv for crankbaits and Spinnerbaits(12 lbs test berkeley XT)
6' 6" Shimano Scimitar, with an abu garcia 4600cb, my back up t-rig or jigging rod. 12 lbs test p-line fluoroclear
6' Shimano Clarus Medium Fast, with an abu garcia 4600cb for topwater and Spinnerbaits, with 14 lbs test copolymer

Spinning Rods:
6' 6" Falcon XGS finesse spin, and a Shimano Sahara 2500 FB. For All spinning applications. 8lbs test Berkeley Smooth casting.
6' Spider Stinger, medium,with an abu garcia cardinal 102 . 10 lbs test p-line CXX. Back up spinning rod.

Fly Rods:
9' Orvis Clearwater 4wt.
9 ft orvis. 7 wt.
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A few years ago I switched over to Cabela's XML Pack rods for both my baitcasters and spinning. I inially got them so I could hike and mt. bike into some backwood lakes, as well as take them on a plane. They turned out to be such great rods I use them exclusively now. Cast great, and I love the flexibility of being able to break them down and take them anywhere. I like them better than a handful of 1 piece BassPro models I've had over the years.

On the Ultra light side, I found 6' 6" model by Quantum that could throw 1/64 oz lures a few years ago. Rarely find anything lower than 1/32, and they're usually 5' to 6' tops. Bought two. Realized they were great. Bought two more, but I think they've been discontinued. Of course, I managed to snap one just last weekend when I was too aggressive trying to work out a snag. Have to try to Google up another or find new option.
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