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on feb 14,02 . i ask mr. steve Hein; what is the statelaw or were can i find out,how many poles can you have went you fishing the beach . i was told it is 2 per fishman is this right,or were can i find it in black and white. thank you fro any informantion you can supply.

re: fishing the surf:

steve Heins has referred your question to me for the answer.
[mr.richie Otterstedt]
I am the Chief Env. Cons. Offcer for long lsland.
section 11-0103-12b ECL .defines angling as taking fish by hook and line,
with no more than two lines.
if you fish with more than two lines, you are by law,
[ Section 13-0335-1 ECL]
no longer angling,but rather presumed to be taking fish for commercial purposes and must have a commercial foodfish license.
So ,in summary, recreational marine district fisherman may only fish with two lines, unless they have a commercial foodfish licence,
and than,they are required to comply
with all the commercial fishing regulation while exercising the privaledges of the foodfish license.

1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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