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Here is a schedule breakdown for last years Nat'l. Every year the schedule is about the same.

Sat AM. 3 speakers/discussion and 3 demos

Sat PM. 4 speakers/demos

Sun AM. 3 speakers/discussion and 6 demos

Sun PM. 1 speaker/discussion and 3 demos.

This years National is in Allentown, PA. (as always) and opens Fri night Mar.22 and closes approx 4PM Sun. Mar. 24

You can actually arrive at 8 AM Sat. morning to register and attend.

You will learn much and the pace is fast. You will see exhibits of work that will amaze you. You can ask the people who do these masterpieces how they do it.

There is usually a flea market.

Sat. and Sun. lunch is included in price. We stay in the hotel where the meeting rooms are located.

For additional info call Clemens Tackle, 1 (610)395-5119.

Capt Neil

Have Fun Fishing. Capt Neil
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