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well we had the summer its back to rodbuilding club meetings.
as most of you know we have a GREAT rodbuilding club here in PA.
we meet MONTHLY and usually get about 30 guys
and GUESTS aand newbies are always very welcome

this months meeting will be starting at 8pm at the malvern firehouse

we will have 2 DEMOS
the first will be ferrels ..wrapping, why wrap. how to wrap
if you have examples of ferrels.. bring to show

the second demo
will be gluing foam grips. adding colors or rings...ect
also making butt plugs from foam

feel free to call for more info 610-591-7734
to carpool

vertical jigging blanks will be a upcoming demo

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ccrods wrote:
I wish I was closer to PA....
Sounds like a good informative time..
its usually a good time..we do 2 demos every meeting.
some examples
turning reelseat inserts from tree branches, thread art, feather inlays, bug inlays, snakeskin buttwraps, different way to do trim rings
we try to get special "guest" for some meetings.
last year ken preston made the run up ..i think he will be back.

tom kirkman had sent some mags to give away when we did the tiger wraps demo
and billy book is always on sale:)
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