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how do you go about laying out stickers.
I want to put american flag on rod.
what is the best way to do this?
do you under wrap or place sticker right on blank.
what wat should this be done and what is the best way to write name on blank

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Hi Gary.

Either way is fine. It does look nicer if you wrap a beckground and lay a coat of epoxy on before installing the sticker.

I have given up trying to write names on rods.

These days I call Decal Connection in Florida. A young couple from Long Island own the company and do very nice work. They catch all my mistakes and send me a finished decal that looks great installed on a rod.

(561) 379-5187

Give Helen and Rich a try. You won't be disappointed.

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Whenever I have a question regarding rod
wraps or rod building I ask my good
friend Mark Flynn @ Long Island Rod
Crafting in Wantagh. He is one of the
nicest gentlemen you will ever speak to
and he is honest. He would be happy to help you with any rod building
question you have. He also happens to
do EXCELLENT work on ALL of my custom
rods. Give him a call 516-785-2328.


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I deleted my first post because I was upset when I wrote it. It's a day later and your post is still annoying to me.

First off, I've heard nothing but good things about Mark. Everything I've heard has been from Capt. Neil.

Capt Neil has been answering questions and giving advice on this forum for a long time. He has allowed people to go to his shop, and personally instructed them when necessary.

He's currently raised thousands of dollars to help pay the hospital costs for an infant on LI. Nobody is more honest than him.

It's been my pleasure to know Neil for over thirty years, and it makes me proud that he considers me his friend.

BTW: Capt Neil's rods are EXCELLENT too. You should give him a call (631) 567-8049.

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