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Me personally? I believe that stick makes a nice C-bass, light tog and great deep flukin' rod.

But for bunker fishing it would be better to step up one model to the BL6630 or 7030. A much more powerful stick, capable of moving a big bass that's sitting out there on the surface 50' from the boat, without drama.

Muuuuuch nicer - in fact its my opinion that the 7030 is the single BEST factory-wrapped rod for that application. At least for the way we practice it down here off the South Shore.

Plus it is a smokin' general toggin' rod.

FYI, the Lami nekid blank number for this stick is CGBT841MH.

Either factory or custom wrapped, its a real nice piece.

best, Lep
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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