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Rod Gloss?

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Capt. Thanks again for the input on the conv. stick I was doing the last time I wrote you. I took your input and mixed it with my needs and got a killer stick.
I'd like your input on one other matter. That would be restoring rod gloss. The above blank was an old S glass lami that needed repair. Someone had broken about a foot off the tip that was hanging out his Jeeps window as he fished under the light with another rod.I whacked it down to 10ft and had what I wanted.
I refinished the blank when everything else was done with a light coat of "rattle can" clear gloss enamel over the blank areas. Worked fine.
The current rod needs a bit more before I start wrapping it. The finish on this old "S" was turned white. I wet sanded the entire blank with 320 after giving it a once over with 220 to lose the dead "scale". Can I go ahead with spray enamel again or use rod varnish? Last time I used rod varnish it lifted while sitting outside 24hrs later in the humidity. Does it need much more time to cure?...Help!?
Sorry so long. I have a hard time transferring my thoughts to!
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